The Brand Advocate Program: A program that allows individuals to earn commission from sales they generate. How you generate is up to you!  This option was designed for the individual or sponsored athlete but is often the preferred option since it does not require any inventory to be purchased whatsoever.  This means you do not need to buy anything in advance!  Orders placed are manufactured and shipped to the customers door step. Custom logos, names, business cards can be made available to you as well.

How do you track my sales ?: The sale can be made in a number of different ways. Here are a few examples:

  1. Word of mouth - The customer selects your name upon checkout.
  2. Your own 'order page' can be provided that you use to collect sales.
  3. You collect money and place an order through our store with a special coupon code assigned to you.
  4. You have your own website / social platform.

Do you offer any discounts to Brand Advocates ?: Yes! Brand Advocates receive a number of benefits. Starting off on base level 1 they have access to a 10% discount off products which in turn goes toward paying commission.  If $250 in sales has been generated within 30 days the Brand Advocate then automatically graduates to Level 2 and collects a 20% commission from product ordered. Further discounts and higher commissions are available and in breakdown format within the Application. 

How do I get paid ? : You will be paid your commission shortly after each product ships. At a minimum, monthly or quarterly. Direct deposit, PayPal methods check are available.

How do I get started ?: You can get started by downloading and filling out the Tire Stickers Brand Advocate application. Then e-mail the application to



Download application  →